Leaving Cities

After a pulse event, cities are a poor place to be. There may be a business opportunity in saving the lives of people in port cities. Someone could arrange for ships to take people to safety in another country. Everything would have to be preplanned in detail, including how to avoid swamping the vessel with too many refugees. People could take rowboats to ferries, then the ferries could wait in open water to meet ocean-going ships coming from unaffected areas. There would have to be some food and water and fuel already on board the ferries since it would take perhaps a week for the ships to arrive,  and EMP-damaged ferry electronics would have to be bypassed or quickly replaceable. Prospective passengers would probably pre-pay half their tickets, and pay half in gold on boarding the ferry (the second half serves as incentive not to leave anyone behind). Refugees would also need gold coins so they would have resources when they reached the next country (Brazil?). The world would probably be in economic collapse, and without food exports from the US, there would be widespread hunger.

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