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Philanthrope started this blog in September 2012 after an unsuccessful effort to find existing blogs dedicated to exploring the particular challenges of preparing for an electromagnetic pulse event. Though there are a number of websites that explain the threat of an EMP, few seem to welcome discussion. Philanthrope began this blog convinced that there exists the dangerous possibility of a widespread failure of the United States national electrical grid sometime during the next 20 years, that such a failure would last for years, and that as a result most of the population would starve to death.

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  1. I think we live near to you. We live in “The Grass Seed Capitol of the World” county in the Valley. Thanks for your blog. Now to get my husband to read it…

    • I heard that EMPact America is having a sepical press briefing by Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, staff member of the congressionally-chartered EMP Commission and Thomas Popik, founder of the Foundation for Resilient Societies. Dr. Pry and Mr. Popik will discuss legislative and technical fixes to the closely connected issues of electric grid reliability and nuclear safety. Dr. Pry will discuss the SHIELD Act currently pending in Congress. Mr. Popik will discuss a safety petition, PRM-50-96, that his group submitted to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. PRM-50-96 is the only Petition for Rulemaking on the NRC docket for 2011.During the online press briefing, members of the press will be given priority for call-in questions. The call-in number for questions is (917) 388-4499. Questions can also be submitted by email to .The show for this is tomorrow at 12:00p.m Eastern Time. It should be interesting!

  2. A HEMP target zone is between 200-300 miles above earth, where most of the satallites reside. The start 2 treaty is only between the U.S. and Russia, and that treaty bans nucular weapons in space. That means that China could have a satellite with a HEMP weapon on board orbiting the earth. More over a Scud missle has a range over 500 miles and you could almost pick one up anywhere.

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