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There are numerous articles and videos available online and in print. Here are some of the best.

This 52-minute video provides a visual overview of the threat posed by an EMP

This is an excellent explanation of the threat of EMP.

One Second After is considered the best novel depicting what an EMP event might be like.

Jerry Emanuelson is an electrical engineer, and here he offers advice about how you can protect radios and home power systems from damage.

This is one of many news articles that suggests Iran is preparing the capability of EMP attack.

This news article explores North Korea’s efforts to create nuclear EMP weapons.

This organization is working to enact federal legislation to harden the electrical grid (e.g., the Shield Act). The site features interviews with EMP experts, foreign policy experts, and legislators.

3 thoughts on “Recommended Reading

  1. The “How to Tread Water” article is not BY Mr. Rawles, it is written by a contributor to Mr. Rawles’s website.

    There is an e-book (fiction) with good reviews that I’m waiting to read till it gets into book form, “77 Days in September,” that you may want to list.

    Another, “Castle Bravo,” has all 4 and 5 star reviews on Amazon, was written by the Senior Director of the National Security Council. I have it on order!

    Best of luck with your website and mission.

  2. I have just published an Ebook on a Global Coastal Event. It should be of immediate interest to your readers. Because the subject is potentially near term, I will be offering it free, on Amazon, from December 14th through December 18th.

    Coastal Event Memories, by A.G. Kimbrough, is a near term Science Fiction Novella. It tells the stories of a group of survivors that live through a species ending series of global catastrophes. They are clustered around the shores of a great Inland Sea above what used to be called the San Joaquin Valley in California. This Novella started developing in my head this July. I had planned to next complete another long delayed book, but this one, prompted by current events, would not let go. Finally, I gave up and started writing. I hope it is only fiction…


    A.G. Kimbrough

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